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    The Tescera™ ATL™ Processing Unit


    The Tescera Composites
    TESCERA composites have been formulated to withstand tensile and compressive stresses, abrasion and attrition, and are less abrasive to the opposing dentition than ceramics. The reinforced microfill BODY and INCISAL materials resist staining and are colour stable. Tescera DENTIN is a hybrid composite that boasts a volumetric shrinkage of only 1.4%. TESCERA has been proven in thousands of clinical cases. You can count on beautiful, natural-looking restorations with unsurpassed strength and durability.

    Over 60 fluorescing composite syringes:
    • Opaque, low-shrink Dentin shades (VITA)
    • Translucent, polishable body shades
    • Incisal shades
    • Flowables
    • Colour modifiers
    • Characterization stains
    • Intense Chroma composites
    • Specialized ˇ°Root Dentinˇ± shades

    The TESCERA ATL is an Aqua Thermal Light Polymerization Unit for processing indirect composites in an oxygen free environment optimal physical properties. The polymerization process utilizes water in addition to pressure, light and heat. It allows the technician to build increment layers under pressure


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